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TEDxKTH 2016: Integration through Technology

Since our first event in 2013, TEDxKTH has had the aim of bringing the TED experience to one of the foremost technical universities in Sweden, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH).

TEDxKTH 2016 is about the constantly evolving technological landscape we live in. Never before have technological advancements come out at the rate they are now, and never before in history has technology been as ubiquitous in society as it is today – whether in our computers, cell phones, cars or social and professional lives. At the same time, the political climate and worries in some parts of the world forces people to abandon their countries to be able to survive.

With all of these rapid developments, and all the potential for positive applications, TEDxKTH 2016 is about exploring how technology can be integrated into society and interact with the surrounding world in order to solve current problems and help people, such as how technology can make it easier for refugees to integrate into society, solve problems related to environmental sustainability and much more. The event will be held in December 2016.

All you need to know

The event will be held at the student union house at KTH, Nymble. The address is Drottning Kristinas väg 15 and it's a 1-minute walk from the subway "Tekniska Högskolan".

Dinner buffet will be served at the event. There will also be an afterparty where you will have an opportunity to mingle with the speakers and other attendees at the event.

In addition, we have some special surprises that we will announce soon! Stay tuned.

The TEDxKTH 2016 Team

Anton Melander

Project Manager

Petra Näsström

Vice Project Manager

Aram Sharif

Partnerships Manager

Hannah Lenczuk

Event Manager

Mikael Rosander

PR and Communications Manager

Nora Sköldvall

Speakers and Content Manager