Technology is the gate to a new future

TEDxKTH 2016 is about exploring and utilizing the constantly evolving technological landscape we live in, in order to create positive changes for people in our society. Today, technological progress is being made faster than ever before and everywhere in our lives we use technology to communicate, to collaborate and to create.

We, the next generation of technical students, are the interface between technology and society. We are the ones who with novel, innovative and bold thinking can implement theory and research in order to create a more sustainable society through integration of technology.

We would like to welcome you to TEDxKTH 2016! Come join us on the 14th of December to explore together what is on the other side of the technological gate. Tickets are now available!

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About the event

The event will be held at the student union house at KTH, Nymble, on the 14th of December. The address is Drottning Kristinas väg 15 and it's a 1-minute walk from the subway "Tekniska Högskolan".

Check-ins will begin at 15:00 and the event will begin at 15:45 until 21:00, when the afterparty begins.

Dinner buffet will be served at the event. There will also be an afterparty where you will have an opportunity to mingle with the speakers and other attendees at the event.

Tickets now available!


Mohamed Jimale

Our first speaker is Mohamed Jimale. He is the founder of, a Stockholm based startup that has developed a crowdfarming platform that enables anyone anywhere in the world to invest in livestock and make a real difference.

He grew up as a nomad in Somalia and his journey has taken him from IT-studies in India to working for UNHCR in Stockholm. Mohamed is a proud entrepreneur, tech enthusiast but above all he is proud to call himself a nomad.

Mohamed will talk about the concept of and why he started it. He will show us how you can use your technical skills to create real social change in the world and why it is so important.

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Galina Shubina

Our second speaker is Galina Esther Shubina. Galina has a background in software engineering and all things data. She has two children, three citizenships, and way too many books.

Galina has a Bachelors, a Masters, as well as an unfinished PhD in computer science and mathematics. Over a decade of her career was spent at Google and she currently runs her own one-person company.

Galina is passionate about improving gender representation and
happiness in the tech industry, and challenging herself and others to
think outside their boxes in their work and daily lives.

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Helena Nordenstedt

Our third speaker is Helena Nordenstedt. Helena is a physician and an Assistant Professor focusing on Global health. After high school studies Helena was the first woman to make it through the Army Language Institute, studying Russian, and has continued to line up impressive achievements throughout her career, starting at Stockholm School of Economics and ending up at Karolinska Institutet.

Helena is affiliated as a Public Educator to the Gapminder Foundation and in her talk she will present a Global Health framework for the audience to better understand how health and economics go together.

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Wouter van der Wijngaart

Our fourth speaker is Wouter van der Wijngaart. Wouter is a professor at KTH and is leading the research in micro- and nanofluidic systems, focusing on lab-on-chip systems for medical applications. He describes himself as an engineer, researcher and inventor with a passion for science, and a specific interest in understanding our human position in time and space.

In Wouters talk, we will learn about lab-on-chip systems and how this type of science could have great effects on society.

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Donnie Lygonis

Our fifth speaker is Donnie Lygonis. Donnie works as a business coach at the innovation office at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and is just back in Sweden after a 10 month fellowship in Silicon Valley where he helped start the Swedish startup support at the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto. Donnie is passionate about everything that has to do with ideas, concepts and new ways of doing things we never thought could be done differently.

Donnie is going to talk about his big idea for the world, an idea he first got five years ago when travelling India. An idea that he hopes could change the way we innovate and change the meaning of the TED mantra "Ideas worth spreading" to also mean "Ideas worth doing".

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Henrik Storm Dyrssen

Our sixth speaker is Henrik Storm Dyrssen. His is a passionate learning journey in search of a professional role in social innovation. This journey has taken him from Sweden to the US, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Iran, two master degrees in Business and Political Science, co-founding the worlds largest student consultancy and awards from McKinsey & Co and Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program for social entrepreneurship by the age of 26. Today, at 32 he is the CEO of Sweden's first social impact venture capital firm, Leksell Social Ventures, backed by the Leksell family.

Henrik will reveal the opportunities and challenges methods of social enterprise, social innovation and tech-4-good in modern welfare society.

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Tina Morad

Our seventh and final speaker is Tina Morad. Tina is a graduate of Stockholm University with a degree in Political Science and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Science. Apart from 12 years of entrepreneurship experience, Tina is the founder of Refugees Welcome Stockholm, in which she was awarded the prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Prize in 2016 for her humanitarian efforts during the refugee crisis of fall 2015. She is passionate about minorities and women’s rights, and achieving sustainable social change through consulting and mentoring civic engagers.

In Tinas talk, she wants to discuss how we can use the digital world to break the boundaries that separate different societies and include people based on their interests and competence, not on the colour of their skin.

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The TEDxKTH 2016 Team

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